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Summer 2

During this half term we will continue to spell common exception words and high frequency words.

We will be using adjectives to describe characters and verbs and adverbs to say how the characters move and how it will happen.  We will be re-writing the story using capital letters, full stops, finger spaces, conjunctions and speech.  We are continuing to become more familiar with different types of sentences, for example we have been writing questions and exclamations.  

We will continue to count in steps of 2, 5 and 10 to help us work out multiplication facts.  We are going to continue to work out column addition and column subtraction which will help us to work out word problems. 

We are discussing and grouping animals based on what they eat and thinking about our special Science terminology to say what animals eat: carnivore, herbivore and omnivore.


Our PSHE work this half term is 'Keeping Clean'.