Autumn 1


Our topic this term is Superheroes... we are discussing our favourite superhero to encourage speaking and listening.  We are writing a list of our favourite superheroes and we are trying very hard to remember a capital letter for their name, finger spaces and to begin a new line.  We are going to be reading Traction Man, the children will make puppets based on this book.

In Maths, we are trying hard to count forwards and backwards and we are trying to say a number that is one more and one less than a given number.  We are going to try and work out the number bonds to 5 and understand what number bonds are.

We are thinking about our 5 senses in Science and trying to identify which body part is linked to each sense. 

We are going to be identifying the human and physical features in Seaton when we go on a short walk around the village.  We will discuss how we travel to school and discuss what we see and hear along the way.

Autumn 2

Our topic this term is Space... we are exploring the 'dark tent' and identifying light sources and identifying reflective objects.  We are going to be discussing nocturnal animals and we will be completing a fact file about nocturnal animals.

In Literacy, we are reading a non-fiction text based on space and writing some facts that we can recall about a different part of space using capital letters, full stops, finger spaces and we are trying very hard to include a conjunction in our writing.  We are also concentrating on rhyme this term during Literacy... we are enjoying writing rhyming words on our special space rockets!

In Maths, we are exploring the environment to find 2D shapes and discussing the properties of 2D shapes.  We are going to be working out doubles and halves of numbers and see if we can spot the pattern between doubles and halves.  We are still trying very hard to count backwards.

We are linking our topic to History this term and we will be finding out about Neil Armstrong and discussing why he is significant.

This term, we are very busy and working very hard learning our special Christmas songs for the performance.