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Our Work


Autumn 1

This half term we will be finding out about our senses and bodies. Our Literacy focus will be writing about our bodies and making sure our sentences have everything they need. In History we will find out about some famous people from the past that made a big impact upon our lives even today, like Louis Braille and Florence Nightingale... we will even find out what it is like to be blind and make our own names in braille. In PE we have started learning some gymnastic sequences which is helping us to learn how to control out bodies in new and different ways, and we are already getting extremely good at it! We have also been looking at our school environment and have started making observations that we will compare with some work we do in Winter. 

Autumn 2

We will be very busy preparing for Christmas this term! We will be doing lots of arts and crafts to make lovely decorations to take home and have already been working on some pictures on the computer. We will continue with our work in Literacy and focus on making sure that our writing has everything it needs; we have also worked on some newspaper articles! In Maths we have our very own shop and are learning how to work out cost and change. Later in the term our PE focus will be ball skills and learning how to aim when we are throwing and kicking. We are already working hard on our Christmas play which is a brand new one this year called A King is Born... We are learning our lines and the songs ready to perform at Christmas. We hope you will enjoy it!

 Spring 1

This term in Computing we are working with our new Blue-Bots and learning how to program and debug them using algorithms. Our new topic in Numeracy is 'time' and so far we are proving to be very able 'time-tellers'! We are also continuing to work with money and, of course, will be practising our number skills lots too. Our focus in Literacy is how to properly use contractions and speech marks in our writing. In PE we are working on aiming and trying out lots of different games to improve our accuracy! 

We have anew topic this term - we are learning about Africa! We are finding out about life in Kenya and are going to be meeting some people who have lived in Africa to find out what we can about life there. We have been learning some African dancing and listening to African music. In Science we will been learning about the parts of a plant and what their functions are, and linking this to sorting plants from England and Kenya. We have already learned how to say hello - Habari! - and goodbye - Kwaheri - in Swahili. 


Spring 2

This term our topic is Castles! We will be learning all about what it was like to live in castles and in medieval times. In Geography we will be looking at some different castles and thinking about why they chose to build in these locations. In Art we will be making stained glass windows. Later in the term we will be visiting a castle and seeing all these things first hand!

In Maths we are still learning to tell time but also finding out about measurement and how different materials are measured and weighed. In P.E. we are using apparatus and continuing to practice our balances and sequences. In Literacy we will be developing our inference skills and using the appropriate past tense verbs in our writing. In science we have been using our research skills to answer our own questions about fish. At the end of this term we will be having a science creativity week.......with lots of activities where we can use our scientific inquiry skills. 





 Summer 1

At the end of last term we had a Science Week, where we found out all about ladybirds. We studied the life cycle of ladybirds and found out that when the larvae pupate they turn into ladybird soup! We also took part in a science workshop . We also enjoyed reading Eric Carle's The Bad Tempered Ladybird and retold the story ourselves making sure we used our punctuation correctly.

 In maths we are revising everything we have learned so far - addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, time, money - we are very busy! In literacy we are identifying sentences, such as : questions, statements and  exclamations . We are continuing to write for different purposes. 

This term we will be selecting our football team who will the be competing in a local competition. In Science we have observed great changes to our school garden ....all the plants have gone ! The site is going to be used for something else so we will have to find a new evergreen tree in the school grounds to observe through the seasons. 

At the end of the week we held an Easter egg competition ....someone found some very special ladybirds hiding in some green,paper grass !


Summer 2

This term we have been VERY busy writing making sure we have used all the right features of fiction and non-fiction texts. 

Our last creativity week was a Maths and PE Week and we were involved in a range of activities. One of them was wheelchair basketball..........we all enjoyed it so much. Our football team have taken part in a local competition and won! Well done everyone ! There are a lot of sports events this term so we will be able to use all the P.E. skills we have been taught. 

We have been on our school trip to Mirehouse, near Keswick and had a fantastic time. There was so much to do and see. Inside the house there was a nursery and some children sat in the tin bath and a watering can was tipped over them .......but it was only pretend water inside !  We are going to produce our own guide booklets later in the term and tell everyone all about the exciting things we saw.