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Autumn 1 

Our first half term in Year 2 has already been a busy one! We have been busy setting ourselves new targets and goals we would like to achieve by end of Year 2. These included lots of different things from improving handwriting to winning the gymnastics competition! 

Within literacy we have been writing recounts about our summer holidays and this week we are learning and writing facts about Florence Nightingale. Within Maths we are exploring all aspects of number and have been revisiting the properties of 2D shapes. 

The children very much enjoyed supporting the Tour of Britian and had a wonderful afternoon waving their flags as the bikes cycled past! 

Autumn 2 

This half term we are preparing for Christmas and have already started rehearsing for our Christmas production. All the children are very excited to practice their parts and learn the songs. 

Within Literacy we are learning about The Great Fire of London this week and have been using facts about the event to complete some information writing. All the children have found this very interesting. 

We are continuing to develop our knowledge of money, 3D shapes and column subtraction within Maths this half term. Children are using their knowledge of partitioning to solve these calculations. 

 We are also developing our throwing and catching skills in PE and are developing skills our tennis skills with David Wise. 

Spring 1 

This half term we have been very busy learning about Kenya. Children have done lots of independent research about animals that live in Kenya. We have also had a visitor from an African grey parrot which was very exciting! We have done some non-fiction writing about Elephants and have learnt lots of interesting facts. 

We have also been celebrating Chinese New Year and had a Chinese cookery demonstration and got to taste all of the yummy food. In DT we each made a Chinese drum, we will definately be using this in our music lessons! 

Spring 2 

This half term our topic is Castles! We have already completed some writing about Queen Elizabeth I which the children have been very interested in. We have also been doing some research about fish in Science, thinking about questions we would like to find out the answers to. 

Within maths we are continuing to develop our knowledge of number and are focusing on data handling and weight, reading scales on weighing scales. 

The children have loved their PE sessions so far this half term as we have been using the large apparatus. We are also working with Connor our football coach developing our football skills. 

World book day was extremely successful, all the children made a fantastic effort with their costumes! We were very lucky to have some visitors to read to us and we worked very hard with our writing jobs and guided reading! 

Summer 1 

This half term we have already been very busy! We have been exploring the Mog collection of books by Judith Kerr. We have all enjoyed reading about Mog's exciting and funny adventures in the Thomas family household. Children have been writing descriptive pieces about the main character Mog and are writing their own adventure stories about what they imagine Mog might be getting up to. Within this writing children are encouraged to include all the elements of writing we have been focusing on this year and have been editing and improving their work as they go along. 

Within maths we are revising all the mathematical concepts learnt this year and apply this knowledge to more complex two step word problems. 

We have explored our school grounds when learning about micro habitats in Science which the children absolutely loved! We will also be exploring food chains of different animals. 

Within PE we are developing our football skills and the football team have been working with Connor in preparation for the up and coming football tournament. 

Summer 2