Learning Letter- Spring 1 2019

During this half term we will continue to use our knowledge of letters and sounds to date to read and write words that can be sounded out. We will continue to practise our letter formation and begin to use cursive handwriting.

We have worked hard to read and spell some common words found on p.46 and p.47 of our reading diaries and we are beginning to develop a wider vocabulary.

We will write for different purposes. We will begin the half term by writing letters from the Gingerbread Man. We will use the personal pronoun ‘I’ and take on the role of the Gingerbread Man. Throughout the half term we will develop our knowledge of sentence- using capital letters, full stops and finger spaces. We will also start to use conjunctions, e.g. and, but, because, to extend our sentences.

We will write numbers 0-50 using the correct orientation. We will continue to solve number calculations- requiring addition and subtraction skills. We will also begin to look at the place value of numbers- identifying 10’s and ones.

We will work with money, looking at the value of each coin and practically combining coins to make a given total.

We will develop our working scientifically skills through the exploration of everyday materials and their properties. We will group materials based on their simple, everyday properties and discuss the suitability of materials.

We will explore our country in geography. We will learn which 4 countries are in UK and pin point these on a map. We will also highlight the capital cities of these counties and locate the major oceans and seas that surround the UK.

We will learn how to program simple algorithms, using Beebot and Magi Forest.

Our P.S.H.E work this half term will be ‘Keeping Safe'