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Autumn 1 2018

We have been very busy settling into Reception by exploring the different areas in our classroom, learning the routines of the school day and getting to know our new teachers. We are really looking forward to learning about ourselves and each other this half term!

Autumn 2 2018

We collected lots of different Autumn objects which we really enjoyed looking closely at with magnifying glasses. We talked about the different colours we could see, how things felt and the different sizes of the objects.

We have been working really hard to learn the letter names and sounds of these 6 letters: S A T P I N. We have been very busy trying to form these letters and recognise these letters and sounds in words. We are also developing our computer skills, speaking and listening skills and continuing to explore the different areas in our classroom.

This half term we have a cricket coach in school to help us learn some new skills in PE including throwing, batting, running and how to play a game of cricket. We are very excited about this!

Spring 1 2019

This half term we are very lucky to have a football coach in school to help us with our football skills. This will be lots of fun!

We are continuing to practise our letter formation and we are learning more letters and sounds which is helping us to get much better at reading! We are also learning to read and write tricky words!

In the Maths area we are working out missing numbers and thinking about 1 more and 1 less than a number as well as practicing our number formation.

Spring 2

We had a fantastic week during Chinese New Year week and did lots of fun activities! We made Chinese dragons, decorated lanterns to decorate our classroom with, found out how Chinese New Year is celebrated and we even got to taste some yummy Chinese food after watching it be cooked in front of us!

"Huff and Puff" sessions are where we do lots of exercise and we have been thinking about our throwing and catching skills, balancing and moving about in different ways.

In the "Toy Workshop" we have been looking at lots of different toys, talking about what they are made from and how they are used. We have really enjoyed using tools to help fix broken toys and to make new ones!

We have just started to look at number sentences and have began to add up two numbers. We have used the cubes to help us and we have been practising writing down our numbers onto squared boards.

We are getting very clever at our writing now and we have started to write out captions, thinking carefully about our letter formation!

Summer 1

This half term we have been thinking about how things change and grow. We enjoyed reading the Hungry Caterpillar and doing lots of fun activities based on this story. We used props to re tell the story with a friend, we designed our own symmetrical butterflies, we used the play dough to make caterpillars and we had fun tasting the different fruits that the caterpillar ate in the story. We wanted to find out which fruit was our class favourite so after we tasted the fruits we had a vote. We found out that our class liked apples best!

Summer 2


We have been to a Multi skills festival and took park in lots of different activities that needed us to throw, catch, aim, balance and jump. It was lots of fun!

We also had the chance to learn all about yoga and try some poses and relaxation!

Our new Role Play Area is a Teddy Hospital and we have examining the bears and thinking about how to look after them. We have been thinking about things that we can do to keep fit and healthy.