We have had so much fun in our "Toy Workshop". We used tools and measuring tapes and took turns and shared. It was really good fun!

We designed and make some fantastic sock puppets and had a great time making our very own puppet shows. We tried to change our voices to make our puppets sound happy, sad, excited and even tired!

During Chinese New Year we learned lots of things about how the families celebrate. We thought about other celebrations and looked for similarities and differences. We thought that using chopsticks was quite tricky!




We have just began to investigate toys... we looked to see if we could see what they were made of, how they work and used lots of interesting words to describe them.

"Huff and Puff" sessions are where we do lots of exercise and we have been thinking about our throwing and catching skills after working with Cricket Chris our cricket coach.

In the "Party Place" we made lots of preparations for a party. We looked at recipies, wrote shopping lists and made invitations. 



We decorated re-cycled paper bags using autumn colours and took them home to collect things from our gardens. We brought our bags back to school and looked carefully at the different colours, shape and sizes of leaves and conkers.

We are learning lots of letter names and sounds and really enjoyed making "Phonic Firework" pictures.


We are very busy settling into our new Reception class and  exploring the different activities. We are learning the routines of the school day and getting to know our new friends and teachers.

We are really looking forward to learning about ourselves and each other this half term!