Meeting Minutes

 Autumn  1 - Welcome to the Green Team and Recycling


This half term the Green Team members got together for our first meeting and we considered recycling.

We discussed:

  • What is recycling?
  • How do we recycle at home?
  • How do we recycle at school?
  • How can we promote recycling at home/school?


Autumn 2 - Saving Energy

 To promote saving energy, we took part in 'Switch off Fortnight' throughout school and at home. We ensured that we turned off lights and plugs in rooms that were not in use to help try and save energy.

We put stickers on light switches and plugs that said 'Turn me off', to encourage others to join in too. We also created posters that were put up around school.

Thank you everybody for their help and support.




 Spring 1  - Transportation

During this meeting we discussed transport, different ways to travel to school and ways to help save energy. We considered walking, jogging, cycling, roller blading or coming to school on a scooters rather than using a car.

We then designed posters to promote our ideas and to give other children different ideas about how to travel to school.

Following on from our meeting in Autumn 1, we discussed how we would try to actively promote recycling daily to all of our friends and family. To support this, we registered for 'Waste Week', where we will continue to support correct recycling and opportunities to save energy at home and at school.

'Waste Week' will be held the second week back after the half term holidays. Your support in this would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!


 Spring 2 - Water Pollution

 Summer 1 - Water Consumption

 Summer 2 - Communication