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Autumn 1


Our topic this term is Superheroes... we are discussing our favourite superhero to encourage speaking and listening.  We are writing a list of our favourite superheroes and we are trying very hard to remember a capital letter for their name, finger spaces and to begin a new line.  We are reading Supertato, which the children are really enjoying! We are writing a sentence about Supertato using a capital letter to begin our sentence, a full stop to end our sentence and finger spaces between each word.

In Maths, we are trying hard to count forwards and backwards and we are trying to say a number that is one more and one less than a given number.  We are going to work out the number bonds to 5 and understand what number bonds are.  We are ordering numbers from 0-5, 0-10 and 0-20.

We are thinking about our 5 senses in Science and trying to identify which body part is linked to each sense. We will be focusing on one sense per session and exploring each sense in detail.

We have been identifying the human and physical features in Seaton.  We collected some leaves and conkers along the way, which we will go on to count those objects and see how many we collected altogether! 

Autumn 2

Our topic this term is Space... we have been learning about Neil Armstrong, we have discussed why he is famous and we have learned some interesting facts about him! We watched a special video showing us Neil Armstrong on the moon!  The children have been writing their facts into sentences using capital letters, full stops, finger spaces and conjunctions to join our sentences together.  We are also going to be focussing on rhyme, we are going to make rhyming strings and rhyming couplets.  In Maths, we are using addition and subtraction to derive number facts within 10 and 20.  We are looking in our environment to find 2D shapes and we are looking at the properties of 2D shapes.  We are trying very hard to count backwards from 20! We are focusing on light and dark in Science.  We are exploring the 'dark tent' which does have some light sources inside.  We are going to be designing, making and evaluating a space rocket in DT.

This term, we will be working hard practising our song for the Christmas play which we are excited about!


Spring 1

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 Our topic this term is Traditional Tales, in particular The Gingerbread Man.  We are reading The Gingerbread Man and in Literacy we are describing The Gingerbread Man using adjectives and some friends are trying hard to use commas in a list.  We have been writing postcards to Mr and Mrs Baker on the computers, we designed our own stamp and created an address for The Gingerbread Man.  In Maths, we are writing addition and subtraction calculations, recognising coins and solving word problems.  In Science, we are exploring materials and finding out what some objects are made from and we are going to be describing the objects and we will go on to group the objects using properties.  We are sewing our very own gingerbread men and we are going to decorate them.  We are very excited to bake gingerbread men later on in the term! 

This term, we will celebrate Chinese New Year by completing many activities, such as designing and creating a Chinese kite, learning to say good morning in Chinese and we will write our name using Chinese symbols.



 Spring 2



Our topic this term is Traditional Tales, in particular Jack and the Beanstalk.  We are describing the Giant using adjectives and commas in a list.  We are going to be writing a newspaper report based on this, trying hard to use capital letters for effect, bold writing and italics to make it stand out to the reader! In Computing, we have been programming Bee-Bot and we are going to be exploring imaginary worlds.  In Maths, we are thinking about the properties of 3D shapes and using the vocabulary: faces, edges and vertices.  We are going to be partitioning numbers practically and applying this knowledge to column addition and column subtraction.  In Science,we have planted broad beans in different environments and we have made a prediction.  We are going to be exploring and disussing a variety of plants in detail.  We are making our own beanstalk to go on display in our classroom and we are looking forward to observing our own broad beans!

Science week will be happening at the end of term and we will be doing many activities based on the theme 'Our Diverse Planet'.




Things are very different for us all at the moment. School is closed and we are all staying safely at home.

Over the past few days you have all been sending in pictures of you and your work for our school website. It has been lovely to see you all and your fantastic work.

Here are our pictures, see if you can find your picture, your friends and see what busy jobs your teachers have been doing.

We hope that you are all well and we cannot wait to see everyone again soon, but until then stay safe and take care from Miss Birch, Miss Smith, Mrs Taylor, Miss Leggett, and Mrs Downham.