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Things are very different for us all at the moment. School is closed and we are all staying safely at home.

Over the past few days you have all been sending in pictures of you and your work for our school website. It has been lovely to see you all and your fantastic work.

Here are our pictures, see if you can find your picture, your friends and see what busy jobs your teachers have been doing.

We hope that you are all well and we cannot wait to see everyone again soon, but until then stay safe and take care from Miss Hird, Mrs Midwood, Mrs Hodgson, Mrs Bowes, Mrs Wood, and Miss Hardman

Spring 2 

This half term our topic is 'Castles'. We have been learning about Elizabeth I discussing where she would have lived throughout her life. We will be exploring the features of Castles and writing about these in detail. We will also be discussing why Castles were built in certain locations. 

Within Maths this half term we are continuing to develop our knowledge of number and exploring weight and measure in much more detail. We are also calculating fractions of numbers and completing repeated addition calculations up to 100. 

Within PE our football coach Connor is helping us to improve our coordination and game skills.  

Spring 1 .

This half term our topic is 'Kenya'. We have been learning lots of interesting facts about Elephants and writing non fiction texts about what we now know. We have also been using the ipads to research Elephants, Kenya and 'The Big Five'. Children have been catergorising these animals and identify if they are herbivores, carnivores or omnivores based on what they eat. 

Within Computing we have been exploring our coding program on espresso education and children have been programming objects to move around the screen. We have also began programming 'Bluebot' in the same way exploring different algorithms and linking this into our maths sessions focusing on position and direction. Within maths we have been exploring the clock further and children are developing their knowledge of telling the time. We are also multiplying and dividing in 2's 5's 10's 3's and 4's and applying are knowledge of these calculations to a wide range of mathematical word problems. 

Within PE our cricket coach Chris is helping to develop our key skills in bowling, batting and fielding. 

Autumn 2

This half term we will continue to learn about more historical people and events including the Great Fire of London. In literacy we are retelling stories using descriptive language and writing non-fiction texts in different formats.In numeracy we are working out change and other ways to make the same amount of money.  We are also having yoga sessions and extending our gymnastics skills in PE. We have started practising for our Christmas play which will take place in December, at the Carnegie Theatre in Workington and we will be very busy getting ready for Christmas in other ways too making lots of lovely crafts.  


Autumn 1

This half term will be a very busy for all our Year 2 children. In Literacy we will be making sure that we include: capital letters, full stops, exclamation marks, question marks and conjunctions into all of our writing. In Maths we will be working with number up to 100 adding, subtraction, ordering and partitioning. We will be learning about two famous people from the past in history, Louis Braille and Florence Nightingale. In PE will be learning a gymnastics sequence which involves doing a forward roll and a teddy bear roll. Connor will also be working with Year 2 this half term improving our football skills.