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Autumn 1


Our topic this half term will be about materials. We will find out about different materials, their properties and their uses.


Experiments will focus on materials and their properties.

Children will be encouraged to use their senses to explore and recognise the similarities and differences between materials.

Children will be taught to explore and describe the way some everyday materials e.g. chocolate, change when they are heated or cooled.

Information will be recorded in various ways linked to this topic.


Imaginative writing will be ongoing and the children encouraged to use descriptive language to enhance their stories. Punctuation will focus on the use of capital letters and full stops ensuring finger spaces are between words.

Poetry will be linked to our topic work.


Please read daily with your child and discuss their book with them. This helps them focus on the meaning of the text.


Individual spelling books will be introduced during this half term. Please help your child learn their spellings and ensure they bring their spelling book in school on a Monday.


Please practise handwriting with your child using our handwriting script.


During this half term maths will focus on shape and the variety of words used for adding and subtracting. These words can be found in the maths classroom and your child would benefit from hearing these words used at home.


Children will be looking at the two dimensional shapes e.g. square and circle and their properties. Ask your child if they can spot these shapes in the environment and encourage them to draw some of these shapes.