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“Educating our children with the skills they need to live fulfilling lives.”


Class Information


Welcome to our Nursery!

Start of the session:

Each day, our session begins at 9:05am and finishes and 12:05pm. We kindly ask for your help to ensure that your child is at school on time.

After your child has hung up their coat, they are encouraged to find their own name from the table and drop it into the basket provided in self registration.


During the session:

The children are then registered on the carpet together after the doors have closed. They will then take part in a wide range of learning activities, either in small or large groups, adapted to their ability and needs in order to achieve.

In Nursery we have a 'free-flow' system, where the children can explore the Nursery and the different activities provided. Each area will be set up with different learning opportunities each week, related to the learning focus of the week.



Each day the children are provided with snack. All the children in Nursery are provided with a wide range of different fruits and a drink of either milk or water. The children are positively encouraged to try different fruits that are available.

On many occasions, we also encourage a circle time activity either during or after snack, to allow the opportunity for more directed learning.


Library Day:

Our library day is Wednesday. Library day allows the opportunity for children to take a book from school to share at home. We will then look at the book together in Nursery and allow them to select another book of their interests.

Could we kindly ask that you please return all books and book bags each Wednesday.


Open door policy:

In Nursery we aim to provide an 'open door policy' and encourage any parents/carers to come and speak to a member of staff in Nursery if they have any queries or questions.

If any parents/carers wish to speak with Mrs Broughton, the best times are at the start and end of every session (except Tuesday evening, which is staff meeting).
Due to the current coronavirus climate we accept this is more difficult, however, Mrs Broughton is always available to chat to parents at the start and end of each session. Alternatively, we can arrange a telephone appointment.


Mrs Ross is currently covering Mrs Broughton's Maternity Leave, therefore if you need any help or support, Mrs Ross is always available to answer any questions that you may have.


Many thanks
Mrs Broughton/ Mrs Ross