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Home Learning Tasks
Many educational websites are now providing free membership to parents for use during home schooling - you can find a link to these websites and more under our Curriculum tab above -
(Free E-Resources).

Week Commencing 13th July

Week Commencing 6th July

Week Commencing 29th June

Week commencing 22nd June

This half term we would have been looking at Dinosaurs, we have adjusted our planning slightly and have all the activities displayed for the week for you to access.

Week 8th June:

Home Learning Tasks

Many educational websites are now providing free membership to parents for use during home schooling - you can find a link to these websites and more under our Curriculum tab above -

(Free E-Resources).


Friday 5th June


Today we would like you to read another story about friendship called 'Night monkey, day monkey' by Julia Donaldson. Again, this can be watched on youtube if you don't have a copy of the book at home. This book celebrates differences, the two monkeys teach each other different things that they know about. Think about how the monkeys are different and yet are still good friends.


How did you get on rhyming yesterday? Ask your grown up to draw some rhyming pictures on several different pieces of paper that you can match together. Examples can be hat and cat, hen and pen, moon and spoon and gate and plate. Have fun!

Thursday 4th June

Yesterday we looked at the story of 'The Smartest Giant in Town'. Have a read again today and see if you notice what is special about the words in the story (they are rhyming words). Read the story again and pause at the end of each rhyme. Can you detect the rhyming words? Can you think of any more words that rhyme? 

e.g. Look me up and down, I am the smartest giant in town - down and town are the rhyming words. Additional rhyming words could be frown, gown, brown or any nonsense words such as lown, rown, pown.


Do you have any animal toys similar to those in the story? Collect up some animals and count them. How many do you have in total? Which is the biggest/smallest? Can you sort them into groups such as plastic, wooden or stuffed toys? How many are in each group? How many are if you add two groups together?

Wednesday 3rd June


Today we would like you to read 'The Smartest Giant in Town' by Julia Donaldson. If you don't have the book at home you can watch it on YouTube. Think about how the characters are feeling at various points of the story. Do you think George is a kind friend? Why? Are the animals kind? Why? 


Next have a look at the document below. You can print if you like or simply look at the pictures on your screen. Which is the biggest? smallest? medium sized?

Enter text...


Tuesday 2nd June

Can you make a friendship bracelet for your friend? You can use beads, cheerios or even pasta tubes to make your bracelet. You could wear the bracelet yourself or post it to a friend.


Extension - Can you make a repeating pattern with your beads on your friendship bracelet?

Monday 1st June

 We hope you and your families have had a lovely week enjoying the sunshine! This week our theme is 'Friendships'.


Today we would like you to think about your best friend(s).  Chat to your grown ups about what you like about them and what makes them a good friend. Are they kind? Do they share their toys with you? Do they make you smile and laugh? Do they take care of you?


Next draw a picture of them. Think hard about what colour their hair is, do you know what colour their eyes are? Don't forget to include arms and legs!


Extension - you may wish to label your drawing with your friends name 

Thank you to all our Nursery friends! We know you have been working hard at home and we are missing seeing your smiley faces at school! Home learning tasks will resume on 1st June. Enjoy your break! Love from Mrs Hamilton, Mrs Broughton, Mrs Caine, Mrs Roach and Miss Charters. 

Friday 22nd May

This week we have been thinking hard about kindness and being kind to others. It is important to be kind to ourselves, too. Today we would like you to think about how you could be kind to yourselves. What are the things you are good at? What kind words could you use to describe yourself? 


Think of some things you could do today that would make you feel happy. This might be having a cuddle, playing a family game or having a special treat. See how many of these activities you can complete.

Thursday 21st May

Activity 1 - Following on from yesterday, can you make your own beautiful Rainbow Fish? You can choose how to do this. You could paint, collage or draw. Maybe you could cut out a special shiny fin from tinfoil?



Activity 2 - Are you remembering to brush your teeth? Today we would like you to show your smile to everyone you see to make them feel happy! 

Wednesday 20th May – Library Day

Activity 1 – Read The Rainbow Fish And The Big Blue Whale story (can be found on YouTube to listen to.)

Why was the Rainbow Fish scared of the Big Blue Whale?

Why was the Big Blue Whale upset?

How do they become friends?

How did the Big Blue Whale feel?



Activity 2 – Draw a picture of you and your friend.

Tell your grown up who your friend is, what you enjoy doing together and why are you friends? E.g. they are kind, they share.


Extension – Have a go at writing some of the key words, your grown up can help by writing them down for you to copy or help you to sound them out.

Tuesday 19th May

Activity 1 – Discuss what makes a good friend.

What does in mean to share?

What kind words can you think of?


Activity 2 – You are going to need some scissors, glues/sellotape, paper and colours.

We’re going to make a cloud and cut it out, and then cut 5 strips of paper to stick onto the cloud.

Each strip needs to be coloured in a different colour to make a rainbow.

Can you write your name on the cloud?


Extension – Can you write 5 kind words onto each strip of the rainbow, either by copying them or by sounding them out with you grown up? E.g. share, happy, helpful,


Namebows and an Easy Pattern Freebie | Teaching, Classroom, School ...

Monday 18th May

This week is Mental Health Awareness week and the theme is ‘Kindness’. Over the next few days there will be some tasks linked to the theme for you all to complete and enjoy!


Can you make a Kindness Postcard? This is something that will make somebody smile and feel special. You can draw a picture on one side and on the other side write a message. Don't forget to write your name so the receiver knows who it is from! You could send you Kindness Postcard in the post or take a picture and send it via email or phone.


Have fun making someone smile today, being kind makes us feel good too!

Friday 15th May

Last week we thought a lot about how to keep healthy, It is important to brush our teeth twice a day to keep them healthy. At school we take part in lots of Smile 4 Life activities. Today we would like you to create a toothbrushing chart (if you have a printer there are templates available online). You can tick off morning and night when you have brushed your teeth and at the end count how many times you have brushed your teeth.


We like to sing a number of toothbrushing songs at school, Follow the link below to join in with one of our favourites.

Toothbrushing song




Thursday 14th May

Revisiting from last weeks activity around syllables, we are going to revisit some objects and look at some different objects too, can you find a range of items which have up to three syllables. Here are some ideas to help:

One syllable objects






Two syllable objects







Three syllable objects






Activity 1 - Can you put the numbers 1-3 in order on the floor and can you clap out the syllables of the items that you have found.

How many syllables do they have?

You could even use a drum, stick or pan and a wooden stick to count the syllables.

Activity 2 – Can you put the items under the correct number 1-3 according to how many syllables that they have?

Extension – Can you find or think of an object with 4 syllables?

(Examples to help, binoculars , motorcycle)

Wednesday 13th May

Today we are going to focus on phonics activities. If you need any support to say the sounds or help with the actions for the sounds, the songs are currently on YouTube if you type in ‘Jolly Phonics’ – your child will be very familiar with these songs and actions.

Activity 1 – Draw a large letter ‘s’ with a box around, either in chalk outside or on a piece of A4 paper. Can you find anything around the house or garden that begins with the letter S to go in the box?

Extension – Can you do the same for the sound ‘a’? (Please ensure is it lowercase)

Activity 2 - Focusing on syllables, can you clap out your own name, first name and then surname.

How many syllables does your name have

 Tuesday 12th May

Following on from last weeks work on healthy eating we would like you to keep a food diary, counting the number of fruits and vegetables you eat today. You can record these by drawing pictures or writing marks. Try to eat 5 fruits or vegetables across the day. If you enjoy this task you can continue your food diary on others days, too!


How did you get on practicing syllables? Today we would like you to think lots about syllables in words. Clap out the syllables in your names, your family members names and in the things you are doing throughout the day - have fun!

Monday 11th May

We hope you had a lovely long weekend and got to enjoy some of the sunshine! Head over to the 'Our work' tab to see our class photos of the staff and children doing their busy jobs at home. We have really enjoyed seeing your smiley faces and hope you have fun looking out for yourself and your friends!

Today's first activity is a number job. Using number cards pop the numbers you want to work with in order (this may be -0-5, 0-10, 0-20 etc). Next, close your eyes and have your grown ups take one of the numbers away. Can you work out which number is missing? You can make this trickier by taking more than one number away, or swapping the places of numbers.

Next, we would like you to build up your hand and finger muscles by doing some threading. Some friends might have threading beads at home but don't worry if you don't - you can use pasta, cheerios or punch holes in cardboard to practice threading. It can also be fun to use a colander to thread pipe cleaners through!

Thursday 7th May


REMINDER: If you would like your child to appear on the class slideshow, please can you email a photo of them by Friday 12pm. Thank you!


VE Day: this year, VE day coincides with the early May Bank holiday and this year marks the 75th anniversary of VE day!  


To discuss with your child:

Victory in Europe Day/ VE Day took place on May 8th 1945. It was a public holiday and day of celebration to mark an end of World War 2.

In celebration of this day:

  • People ran out on to the streets, hanging bunting and banners and dancing.
  • Church bells pealed across the country to share the news: peace in Europe!
  • Everyone brought out food to share at street parties.


Activity 1- Can you create your own patriotic bunting to hang in your windows over the weekend?

Activity 2 – Can you create a Union Jack flag? Focusing on using the correct colours?


If you need a little support, you can download a FREE bunting pattern from Baker Ross website, or there are lots of resources to download on Twinkl that you can colour in..

Have a lovely bank holiday weekend everyone!

Wednesday 6th May

Wednesday’s are our Library days.

Activity 1 – can you read a book with your grown up, discussing the different characters and events throughout the story.

Activity 2 – We have introduced rhyming before however, this summer term we would have been having a big focus on rhyme.

If you have a favourite rhyming story that you could look at, or access a rhyming story online, when reading the story stop and encourage your child to guess what the next rhyming word may be.

Extension - Can you think of some more rhyming words?

Tuesday 5th May

Yesterday our tasks were all about keeping healthy. Today we would like you to draw a healthy plate of food. 

Extension - Can you label your foods?


Can you look at the different fruits you have in your home? What colour are they? What shape are they? Which is the biggest/smallest fruit? With help from your grown up, chop your fruit up and make a tasty fruit salad or fruit kebab. Remember to cut grapes in half lengthways so they're safe to eat. Enjoy!


Monday 4th May

We are now well into the the first half of the Summer Term and, as we plan this, there are no published details of how and when schools are to re-open.
All children, in every year group and every class have been provided with daily activities to do at home. We are all missing school and seeing our friends and we have had an idea to try and get to see you again safely...
This week, as you are doing one of the activities at home with your children, we would like to invite you to take a photograph and email it to your class teacher (the address to use will be listed below)
Each class teacher will then make a slide show and post it onto their class page on the website for everyone to see.
Please note the following :
*You do not have to do this, it is completely optional.
*Please just send one picture as we are restricted to 30 images to make a slideshow and will only use one photo of each child.
*We will need to set a deadline so that we can make and publish the slideshow. This will be 12 PM FRIDAY 8th MAY.
*For safeguarding reasons please consider where you take the photo and how your child is dressed.
So as you are busy doing your jobs this week take a photograph and send it via email to your child’s teacher. It will be a lovely way for the children to see some of their friends faces and we also look forward to seeing them all too.
The class slideshows will be available to view on the school website at the end of the week by selecting the individual class teachers page and then looking in the “our work” section
We look forward to receiving your photos throughout the week.
Please send your photograph to krobertson@seatonacademy.co.uk
Monday 4th May 
At school we have been learning about how to stay healthy. Take some items of food from your kitchen and sort them into 'treat foods' and 'everyday foods'. You can use the terms 'healthy' and 'unhealthy' when talking about the different foods. For example crisps and chocolate are really tasty, but we wouldn't eat them for breakfast, lunch and tea as that would be very unhealthy. Eating 5 pieces of fruit and veg across a day is healthy.
Discuss how exercise is an important part of staying healthy. You could join in with an exercise video online (we like sticky kids songs!) and then report how the exercise makes you feel. Are you hot? sweaty? thirsty? tired? out of breath?

Friday 1st May

Design your own Superhero Teddy!


John Lewis and Waitrose are asking children of all ages to help them create a 'Super-Bear' cuddly toy, to honour frontline workers and raise critical funds for the NHS.

The competition launched Friday 24 April, giving children two weeks to submit their designs. The brands are asking for toy ideas "That celebrate the spirit and fortitude of the fearless men and women working on the frontline during the Covid-19 crisis"

To enter, children (or adults on children's behalf) must share their creations on social media using the hashtag #DesignYourSuperBear.

The winning design will be turned into a real toy, to be sold exclusively in both Waitrose and John Lewis, with 100% of profits going to the NHS. The toy will go on-sale in October as one of the brand's iconic Christmas stuffed toys, beloved characters known to sell out year after year.

Martin George, Marketing Director for the John Lewis Partnership, commented in a release: “The acts of gratitude demonstrated by the public towards frontline workers, from the thousands of “thank you” pictures to Thursday evening clapping, shows how deep our nation’s love for the NHS goes. We’ve already been supporting the NHS and critical workers in a number of ways, but we want to make a lasting contribution that demonstrates our appreciation for those who are on the front line."


Thursday 30th April

Today is Captain Tom Moore‘s 100th Birthday!

Happy Birthday!

Captain Tom Moore recently completed 100 laps of his garden to raise money for the NHS! He was a soldier during World Was ll and he wanted to raise £1000 for the charity however, he has currently raised over £20m! What a tremendous effort! Well done and thank you Captain Tom Moore!


Activity 1 - Can you create a portrait of Captain Tom completing his challenge?

Activity 2 – Can you make a thank you card for someone who has made a difference in your local community?

Wednesday 29th April

Today we would like you to look at some photos of yourself when you were a baby. What did you look like? What were you like as a baby? What can your grown ups tell you about the day you were born? Do you know when your birthday is? Next think about what is the same and what is different, now that you are much bigger? What can you do now, that you couldn't do when you were a baby?


Extension - Look at photographs between being a baby and now. Guess how old you were and what you were doing. Can you remember any of the events in the photographs?


Next, we would like you to fold a piece of paper to make an 'All about me' book. With help you might include your name, your birthday, a drawing of you as a baby and a drawing of you now. Maybe your grown ups can annotate the pictures, writing what you could do as a baby and what you can do now. 

Tuesday 28th April


Shape activity. Following on from yesterdays shape work, can you make a shape picture? This is something the children should be familiar with doing at Nursery. Take 2D shapes such as circles, squares, rectangles and triangles to create a picture (you can cut the shapes from coloured card or paper). Encourage your child to name the shapes and discuss their properties e.g. corners/vertices and sides and discuss their size. 


Extension - Can you use any more shapes in your picture? For example pentagon, hexagon, oval, star, heart, semi circle


Todays phonics job is all about syllables. Collect some items with one/two/three syllables, some examples are below.


One syllable objects