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Year 1 Learning Letter- Spring 2 2020


During this half term we will continue to use our knowledge of letters and sounds to date to read and write words that can be sounded out. We will continue to practise our letter formation and use cursive handwriting.

We have worked hard to read and spell some common words found on p.46 and p.47 of our reading diaries and we are beginning to develop a wider vocabulary.

We will write for different purposes. We will write a recount of a traditional tale, using time connectives to begin each sentence. We will write our recounts from another characters perspective and use the personal pronoun I.  We will continue to develop our knowledge of sentence- using capital letters, full stops and finger spaces. We will also use conjunctions to extend our sentences and adjectives to up-level our writing. We will apply grammar in our writing by using commas to separate adjectives and apostrophes for possession.

We will write numbers 0-100 using the correct orientation. We will begin to develop knowledge of 2D and 3D shapes, using the correct mathematical terminology to describe their properties.

We will develop our working scientifically skills through the exploration of plants. We will grow, observe and measure sunflowers, as well as labelling a flower to identify all of its different parts and their purposes. We will also grow 4 bean plants in different conditions, in order to identify what a plant needs to grow healthily.

We will explore Toys from the Past in History this half term and compare old toys and new toys.

Our S.E.A.L work this half term will be ‘It’s Good To Be Me’.