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Year 1 Learning Letter- Autumn 2 2019


During this half term we will continue to use our knowledge of letters and sounds to date to read and write words that can be sounded out. We will continue to practise our letter formation and handwriting.

We have worked hard to read and spell some common words found on p.46 and p.47 of our reading diaries and we are beginning to develop a wider vocabulary.

We will begin to read and recognise rhyme, write rhyme strings and simple rhyming couplets. We will also continue to develop our knowledge of sentence- using capital letters, full stops and finger spaces.

We will write numbers 0-20 using the correct orientation. We will count in steps of 2 and 10, then begin to count in steps of 5 towards the end of the half term. We will continue to use our knowledge of addition and subtraction to solve calculations. We will also identify, name and describe the properties of common 2D shapes.

We will develop our working scientifically skills through the exploration of our dark tent, shadows and sources of light. We will also look carefully at nocturnal animals, and label their features.

We will explore Neil Armstrong in History and develop our knowledge of chronology to timeline the main events in his life.

We will learn how to save and retrieve work on the laptops, as well as recap how to use the SPACE bar and CAPS LOCK key.

Our S.E.A.L work this half term will be ‘Getting On and Falling Out’.