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Year 1 Learning Letter- Autumn 1 2019


During this half term our main topic will be 'Ourselves', which will give us the initial chance to find out about each other.

We will be reading and writing words that can be blended and segmented using our knowledge of letters and sounds to date. We will try to spell some common words found on p.46 and 47 of the new reading diaries. We will also be practising our letter and number formation and handwriting.

We will write numbers 0- 20 using the correct orientation and begin to order these numbers from smallest to largest. We will also recall and write one more and one less than a given number. We will begin to solve missing number calculations- requiring addition and subtraction skills; initially we will work up to 5.

We will label parts of the body and identify senses. We will also think about how to stay healthy.

We will explore our local area and look at the history of Seaton and how it has changed.

We will learn how to log on to a computer, how to type, draw and use the SPACE bar and ENTER key in our work. We will also use directional language- forwards, backwards, left and right to navigate BeeBot.

Our S.E.A.L work this half term will be about new beginnings.