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Summer 2 2021

This half term our topic is Transport. We have been writing lists of different vehicles, carefully sounding out our words and forming our letters neatly on the lines. We have also been writing instructions for how to stay safe when crossing a road. 

In maths, we have been learning the number bonds to 10. We are getting very good at recalling some of these facts now! 

Our role play are is a teddy hospital. We have our own Doctor ID badge which we must wear and our job is to find out what is wrong with the teddies. We must then help to look after them and treat them to make them better!

Summer 1 2021

This half term we have started to think about words that rhyme. We have been matching words together that have got the same end sound and we have also been writing down some rhyme strings. We are also trying very hard with our letter formation and trying to sit the letters carefully on the line. We are continuing to practise sounding out and writing down CVC words which we are getting very clever at!

Last half term we were getting very good at working out the answers to addition sums. We are carrying on practising these sums but we are now also working hard on subtraction sums too.  We are getting very good at recognising the - and = sign. We have also been recording the sums down onto squared boards / paper. We are getting very clever at our number formation now as well!

We are happy to have cricket Chris back with us this half term and we are looking forward to getting better at our throwing, catching and batting skills.


Spring 2 2021

We are all so happy to be back in our classrooms again with all our friends! We are really enjoying settling back into our classroom routines, playing with our friends and learning new things.

We have been thinking all about Spring this half term and we did a super job of drawing a daffodil after observing them closely.

In Numeracy, we are practising hard with our number recognition, number formation and addition sums.

In Literacy, we are working hard to learn the Phase 2 tricky words and be able to write them down. We are getting better at sounding out CVC words and then writing down the sounds we can hear! Our story for this half term is going to be 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar,' and we will be doing lots of busy jobs linked to this book.

Our role play area has been turned into a 'Toy Workshop' this half term. We have lots of fun in here trying to fix the broken toys using a range of different tools. We put on safety glasses and a white coat to help us get into character!

Autumn 2 2020

We collected lots of different Autumn objects which we really enjoyed looking closely at with magnifying glasses. We talked about the different colours we could see, how things felt and the different sizes of the objects.

We have been working really hard to learn the letter names and sounds of these 6 letters: S A T P I N. We have been very busy trying to form these letters and recognise these letters and sounds in words. We are also developing our computer skills, speaking and listening skills and continuing to explore the different areas in our classroom.

We have been thinking about the story Goldilocks and the Three Bears and we are really enjoying acting out the story in our Three Bears Cottage role play area as well as doing lots of other activities linked to this traditional story.  

This half term we have a cricket coach in school to help us learn some new skills in PE including throwing, batting, running and how to play a game of cricket. We are very excited about this!

Autumn 1 2020

We have been very busy settling into Reception by exploring the different areas in our classroom, learning the routines of the school day and getting to know our new teachers. We are really looking forward to learning about ourselves and each other this half term!

We also have a Multi Skills coach in this half term and so we will be practising our running, throwing, jumping and balancing skills.

On Friday afternoon's we will be taking part in Yoga sessions which is a brilliant way to help us feel calm!