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Friday 27th March

Get some morning exercise in with Joe Wick's daily PE session!

Literacy activity: high frequency / tricky word treasure hunt (Phase 2/3 phonics) Use the sheet we sent home with the tricky and high frequency words on. Get your grown up to write out some of these words onto bits of paper before hiding them around a room in your house for you to find. No peeking! When you've found all the words, read then to your grown up. Can you choose 3 words and put them into a sentence to say aloud to your grown up? Can you write some of them down yourself?

Read a story with your grown up. Talk about what you liked about the story, how you might change the ending? Can you retell the story or even act it out?

Numeracy activity: collect a number of pebbles / stones from your garden or a nearby open space. Look carefully at the different shapes and sizes. Can you put them in order from the smallest to the largest. How many have you collected in total? Clean them with soap and warm water and then why not decorate them. You could use paint, maker pens or even stickers to decorate them with!

When you go for a walk, estimate the number of steps between two lampposts. Once you have had a guess at how many steps you think it will be, check to see how close you were.

If you love sports and have a ball at home, get your grown up to think of a pattern such as 'bounce, roll, throw,' and to say the instructions out loud. Can you copy the pattern your grown up has said? Can you come up with your own pattern?

When you're outside having a walk, look for numbers that occur in the environment, for example on front doors. What's the biggest number you can find, and the smallest? Can you find a number in an unexpected place?

Host an indoor picnic: lay out a blanket in the living room (or garden if it's warm enough) and fill it with tasty finger foods. As you eat, play the picnic memory game. Each person says, 'I'm going on a picnic and I'm bringing...' See how long you can keep it going for!

Create an indoor cinema: decide which film you're going to 'screen' on the TV and decide a time in your family for what time the doors will open. Draw the curtains, turn out he lights and put popcorn or snacks in a bowl for the full experience!

Thursday 26th March

Every morning start your day with Joe Wicks' PE session 9 am!

Literacy activity: During Spring, lots of animals have their babies. Find out the names of these baby animals: duck, pig, sheep, cow and horse. Can you draw the mummy animal and its baby. Label your pictures by writing the name of each animal next to its picture. Sound out each word as best you can!

Numeracy activity: With a grown up count how many rainbow's you can spot in people's windows when you go for a walk. If you haven't already made your own and put it in your window - do so today!

Keep practising counting forwards and backwards to 20.

Choose your favourite song and dance along to it!


Wednesday 25th March

Start your day with some exercise - don't forget Joe Wicks is on every morning at 9am!

Literacy activity: go for a walk with your grown up and look out for any signs of Spring. When you get home, draw a picture to show what you saw and then try writing down a list of what you found. What sounds can you hear in each word?

Numeracy activity: explore shapes around your house. Which objects can you find in your kitchen / living room / bedroom that are squares, circles, rectangles or triangles? How many times can you spot these shapes around you in your house, or when you go out into your garden, or even for a walk? Tell your grown up how many sides each shape has and how many corners. Can you make any of these shapes yourself using your toys?

Tuesday 24th March

9 am PE with Joe Wicks - follow the YouTube workout for a free way to keep active in a fun and easy way!

Literacy activity : put together a story bag by using pictures drawn, or small toys / objects from around the house. Place things into a bag before pulling them out one by one and using them as narrative props to make up your own story.

Numeracy activity: hit the number counting game. Get your grown up to write out various numbers on to bits of paper / sticky notes and place them in front of you. The goal of this game is to identify the number that is called out by the grown up and for you to find and hit the correct answer!

Continue to practise counting forwards and backwards to 20

Clap out the rhythm of your favourite nursery rhymes as you sing them out loud.


Monday 23rd March

Can you think of some food items you need to get from the supermarket? Draw them and then write down a list of the foods.

Play 'I Spy' games (for example, 'I spy something beginning with a...,' (using the letter sound).

Carry on reading books of all kinds!


Go out into your garden and count how many plants you can see. How many leaves can you count? How many stones are there?

Practise counting to 20 and backwards. Can you count beyond 20? Can your grown up say a number and then you have a go at writing it down? What is one more / one less of the number?

Thursday 19th March 2020

Draw a picture of your family and then write a list of their names. Remember a list goes down with one word under the other.


Write the numbers 0-5 on a piece of paper, cut them up and then turn face down. Choose two and read the numbers before adding them together. Remember to use your fingers to help you.

Challenge: can you write down the number sentence using + and =