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Summer 1 – Bears


Welcome back, we hope that you have had a lovely break and feeling refreshed ready for the new term.


This half term we have welcomed some new starters to our Nursery. We hope that you have had a lovely week with us so far and enjoy the rest of your time at Seaton Academy with us!


This half term our topic is Bears. We will be exploring a wide range of learning opportunities promoting finger muscles, pencil control, mark making activities and much more.

We will be focusing on a book per week, for example one week we will focus on the story Paddington Bear.


We also have a coach that visits us every Tuesday morning called Conor. Conor is coming in each week for the rest of the term to focus on football and other ball skills. We have ready enjoyed this so far!

We have focused on ball control, through little and big touches and been involved in activities such as ‘Banana Split’, where children are chosen to tag others and if they are tagged, their friends need to set them free.




Mrs Broughton:

As most of you may be aware, my last working day will be Friday 30th April before leaving to start my Maternity Leave.

I just wanted to say a massive thank you for the continued support and well wishes from everyone.

I also want to wish everyone the best of luck, to the friends leaving to join Reception in September and the Nursery friends that will continue over until next year. I am confident that you will all do brilliantly and I will look forward to seeing everyone again when I return and pop in for ‘keep in touch days’.

Mrs Ross will be covering in the meantime and available to answer any questions.

Thanks again, see you all soon!


Many thanks

Mrs Broughton

Mrs Hamilton

Mrs Ross


We appreciate that the morning and let out routine has changed and that our ‘open door’ policy that we always aim to achieve can be a bit difficult at the moment, but please remember that we are always here to support you the best that we can and to answer any questions and queries that you might have.
If you would like to speak to a teacher, please just ask to speak to your class teacher and either an appointment will be made or a phone call to best suit you. You can do this by speaking to a member of staff, calling the school on 01900 66982 or emailing the office at admin@seatonacademy.co.uk 

and we will get back to you as soon as possible.