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Summer 1 - Bears

This half term we have welcomed some new starters to our Nursery. We hope that you all enjoy your time with us!

Conor will be coming in every Tuesday morning to do Football and ball skills with us, we have enjoyed the sessions so far!

We will also be exploring the topic 'Bears', where we will focus on a bear story each week e.g. Paddington Bear. This focus will involve a wide range of different activities promoting all areas of our development, we will also be making the most of our outdoor space during the lovely, dry weather.

Spring 2 - Minibeasts


We hope that you have all enjoyed your time with us so far, as we welcomed some children back to Nursery and also welcomed some new friends to our school, on the first week of reopening

Our main focus is settling everyone into school and supporting children through the changes.

Our topic this half term is mini-beasts! Where we will promoting many areas of development such as pencil control, mark making and our understanding of the world.

Here is what we have been up to so far...

Autumn 2 - Nursery Rhymes and Christmas

We hope you have all had a lovely break and ready for the next half term. This half term we will be focusing on Nursery Rhymes, such as Humpty Dumpty and then Christmas.

We will also be looking at events such as:

Bonfire Night - Where we will look at pencil control activities, 2D shapes to create rockets and mark making with chalk

Remembrance Day - Where we will create Poppies 

Children In Need - Where we will look at creating a Pudsey Bear

Christmas - Where we will be taking part in lots of lovely activities such as making Christmas cards, baubles and pictures.

Autumn 1 - All About Me

We hope you have all had a lovely summer break and ready for the new academic year in Nursery. We would also like to welcome some new friends to our school and we hope you enjoy your time with us in Nursery.

This half term we will be settling into our new classrooms, learning our new routines and getting to know each other through our topic 'All About Me.' Our main focus being, interests, colour and shape.  We have enjoyed taking a walk to the apple tree in the school garden and each picking our own apple for snack! The children also made toast and decided what they would like to spread on their toast. We have all been on a listening walk, listening for the different sounds we can hear in the environment. Maybe you can listen for the sounds you can hear next time you're out on a walk? Have fun!



Things are very different for us all at the moment. School is closed and we are all staying safely at home.

Over the past few days you have all been sending in pictures of you and your work for our school website. It has been lovely to see you all and your fantastic work.

Here are our pictures, see if you can find your picture, your friends and see what busy jobs your teachers have been doing. Look carefully to see if you can spot any of our new starters, too!

We hope that you are all well and we cannot wait to see everyone again soon, but until then stay safe and take care from Mrs Hamilton, Mrs Broughton,Mrs Roach, Miss Charters, Mrs Caine, and Mrs Downham.




Spring 2 - Food 

This half term our topic is FOOD. We have lots of exciting activities planned including pancake day, a Teddy Bear's picnic and Handa's surprise jobs! We will have lots of opportunities to explore different foods including smelling, tasting and touching tasty treats! We will talk about which foods are healthy and which are treat foods which we should eat less often. The children will enjoy a Supermarket role play area with opportunities to write shopping lists and receipts. In the snug Nursery will be printing with fruits and vegetables and finger painting foods, thinking carefully about the colours they need to use.

Spring 1 - Animals

We are enjoying learning about different types of animals; farm animals, pets, jungle animals and Elmer. We are looking forward to changing our role play area into a vets and having some special visitors to school!

On Australia Day we found out about some of the animals in Australia, what they look like and sound like.

We have had great fun playing with pigs in mud in our sensory tray.

We continue to have Movement sessions in the hall on Friday's with Miss Hodgson where we are learning about balancing and throwing!

Autumn 2 - Celebrations / Nursery Rhymes


This half term our topic is Celebrations. We will explore Halloween and Bonfire Night through a variety of activities promoting numbers, mark making, colour mixing and promoting our cutting skills. We will also be introducing Jolly Phonics, there is an upcoming talk explaining Jolly Phonics for parents soon.

We will also be exploring a range of Nursery Rhymes, focusing on rhyming words before we start to focus on Christmas.

Our role play area is being created into a Doctor's Surgery, following the children's interests and later in the half term it will be transformed into Santa's Workshop, where we will look at shapes.

We will be busy practising for our Nativity performance on the run up to Christmas and creating lots of Christmas crafts.


Every Friday, Miss Southwell's class will be taking part in the Sure Start activities over the five weeks. These sessions are planned aiming to promote the children's social development through physical activities.