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Welcome to our
Computing Zone!


Here you'll find links to lots of different computing and coding activities to play at home.


Some games to help children to find the keys and get faster at typing.

Click here to practice your typing!

This website is FULL of typing games to help you improve your speed.

Click here to visit the Game site


It's also really important to be able to use the mouse...

Try popping these balloons using the mouse!


Suggested Apps

Here is list of suggested apps you can download on your iPad or tablet at home.

Search: codeSpark Academy

Search: Bee-Bot

Search: Hopscotch Coding


Search: Lightbot: Code Hour


Search: Daisy the Dinosaur

Coding Games and Videos

(Feel free to explore the Coding activities for Early Years too! They're great fun, find them here )

The BBC Bitesize website has lots of video clips for KS1 children to help them understand coding.

Click here to visit BBC Bitezise

Scratch Coding is a widely used coding program suitable for young users.

Visit the link below to download it free from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Click here to download Scratch

Alternatively, you can try some of these Starter Projects on the Scratch website.

Click here to access the Starter Projects




Some games to help young users get quicker at finding the keys on the keyboard.

Click here to play Type Toss

Below are some games to help little ones get used to controlling the mouse.

Visit the Park Primary School Website for more fun games!

Click here!


Coding for Early Years

The BBC Bitesize website is full of video clips to help younger users understand how things like coding work.

Click here to visit BBC Bitesize


Try some coding activities!