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Key Stage 1 - History                   Co-ordinator: Miss B Hardman

  Year 1 Year 2
Autumn 1

Chronological order- order pictures young to old


The History of Flights

Neil Armstrong

Wright Brother’s first flight.

Famous people –

Louis Braille

Florence Nightingale

Autumn 2

Look at pictures of streets from long ago what is different/similar to today

Guy Fawkes – link to how it affects us today


Remembrance Day


Samuel Pepys


Spring 1




Spring 2

Toys now and then

How the materials have changed

Compare 2 teddies old and new. Victorian toys, materials they are made of – how they compare to today

Long ago…



Elizabeth 1st



Visit to Carlisle Castle

Summer 1 Story of Grace Darling – information writing in sentences using ‘long ago.’


Seaside holidays:

Holiday locations

Holiday games played long ago 


Summer 2

Visits to churches