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Geography & PSHE Week


 Geography & PSHE week took place during the last week of Autumn 1 2018.

Our theme was: RECYCLING!

All across school we found out about the three R's: Recycle, Reuse, Reduce.



In Year 2 we spent a lot of time thinking about the 3 R's and re-purposing as much of our 'rubbish' as we could: we made old milk bottles into models of Elmer the Elephant, we even delved through the recycling bins in Year 2 and used the materials we found to build shelters for our teddy bears! We played a game in PE where we had to sort rubbish into different piles ready to be recycied and then we made our own minds up whether we thought recycling was a good idea... the poll speaks for itself!

The book we looked at this week was The Enormous Crocodile by Roald Dahl. We learned facts about crocodiles using an augmented reality app on the iPads, we did crocodile maths using the inequality signs and on Friday we wrote descriptions of the naughty, greedy crocodile. 



In Year 1 we found out about how we can help the world using the Three R's and made our own booklets to help educate others. We learned a song about recycling and then recycled milk bottles to make Elmer the Elephant. We also went on an Autumn walk where we looked at the seasonal changes in our environment then wrote poems about what we saw.  



In Reception we looked at objects and decided what they were made from, then sorted them for recycling. We decorated Autumn bags which we then took home, filled with Autumn things and brought back into school for sorting. We made pictures of Michael Recycle after reading the book.


In Nursery we learned lots about Autumn and made Autumn hedgehogs! We learned about the the Bug House - we found a spider and put him inside to join his friends. We found out about recycling, sorted materials to get them ready to be recycled and then used some of these materials to make our very own boats. What busy friends we've been!