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History & Art Week


Kings and Queens

Our theme during our History and Art week was 'Kings and Queens' which linked nicely to the Royal wedding that recently took place! During this week we looked at and became familiar with portraits of various Kings and Queens and had a go at putting them onto a timeline. We looked carefully at the dates of when the Kings and Queens ruled, how old they were when they became King or Queen and how long they ruled for. We also looked at how the portraits changed over time.


Each child throughout school created their very own Royal portrait. We carefully drew ourself, taking care to add as much detail as possible and then we carefully added colour to make our self portrait look as similar to us as we could. We then added a crown to make us look royal. Each class has displayed their portraits up on a wall for everyone to see!

In Nursery and Reception, children sang various nursery rhymes including The Queen of Hearts, which then led on to making jam tarts. The children carefully measured out and weighed the ingredients needed to make the tarts which turned out to be very tasty!

In Year 1, children found out all about castles and then worked together in small groups to design and make their a castle using recycled materials.

In Year 2, children compared two Queens - Elizabeth 1st and Queen Victoria. Children found out lots of facts about these Queens which they then wrote about.