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“Educating our children with the skills they need to live fullfilling lives.”

Minute Meetings

Autumn 1

On Thursday 11th October we were invited to join a meeting at Allerdale House with other members of the School Council from schools in Workington.

Three Councillors from each year group were chosen to represent their year and our school.

The deputy Mayor of Allerdale and Chief Executive of Allerdale were present at the meeting and we were encouraged to ask questions and join in group discussions.

We focused on the 17 Good Life Goals and considered:

  • How much plastic is used at school
  • Recycling
  • Good health and how it can be promoted
  • Reduce, Reuse and Recycling

Each school have been asked to create a logo and a name for our partnership with the Workington School Councillors to present at our next meeting and everyone will vote for the best!

We look forward to our next meeting.


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Autumn 2

Our focus this half term has been Recycling. We discussed how we could support recycling at home and at school and considered the different bins available.

It was also suggested that we could work with the Green Team members and ask the Green Team if they would create posters to put up around school, promoting recycling.


Spring 1

This half term our focus is 'Life on Land' and to consider the affects that littering has. We discussed how littering may look messy but focused on the affect it has on the animals.

During this meeting, we also considered and individually designed a logo and a name for our partnership with the Workington School Councillors, ready to present at our upcoming meeting Thursday 31st January.

 Spring 2

School Council Meeting at Allerdale House

Our main focus during this meeting was Team Building. This involved taking part in different team building activities and discussed how more can be done and achieved by working as a team.

We considered:

  • The different strengths that some councillors may have
  • How we could 'be heard'
  • How we can make a difference
  • How to get more people involved and motivated

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