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School Summer Holidays 2020 

Below is the link to access information you may need during the summer holidays, if you are looking for childcare and activities for your children over the summer break this website may be able to help. The information on this website is updated weekly. 





22nd May 2020


Dear Parents/Carers,


I would like to start this letter by saying a heartfelt Thank You for your continued support and positive feedback that we have received during these unprecedented times.


This letter is to give you the key information about how our School is going forward after June 1st.


Reopening school in the current situation has proven a very challenging process. We must maintain the balance of education, safety and wellbeing of our children, families and our staff.

We will be opening on THURSDAY 4TH JUNE, initially as a hub school for our Key Worker Families.

Extensive risk assessments, control measures and physical adjustments to the working environment must be securely in place for this to happen.

If you are a Key Worker and would like to access this provision we will need you to obtain a letter from your employer stating your Key Worker role and, if you have not yet done so, Email admin@seatonacademy.co.uk to provide your child’s name and also indicate if you would require full or part time provision.


After the hub is established, using the indications you all gave to the class teachers, we will begin to plan for widening access for children in Reception and Year 1.


There are some key points that you, as the Parents and Carers, need to consider.


School will be organised differently. The current guidance we have outlines:

Children will be placed into small groups called Bubbles. Each group will be allocated a room and at least 2 members of staff. These groups will not mix with any other group at any time. This includes coming into school, playtimes, lunchtimes and going home.

As a result of the above some children will not be returning to their own class teacher, their classroom or their friends.

Within each group it will be impossible to achieve the 2m social distancing space recommendations. The Government acknowledges this, the Guidance suggests implementing increased hand washing and promoting good self-hygiene.

Other than a water bottle, children will not be able to bring anything else into school. This includes pencils and toys. Children will be provided with their own sets of pencils etc that they cannot share.

Home learning activities will remain to support those children and families who choose not to return.

There will be no social gatherings including assemblies and After School Clubs.

PPE will be worn by staff dealing with a child who is ill or requires intimate care.

We will follow guidance about what would happen IF we had a COVID 19 case in school where closure may be unavoidable.

There is no statutory expectation that children return to schools. No fines will be imposed.


As always, despite the closure of our school, we are here to help and support you. I hope this letter gives you a clearer picture of the required preparations, and subsequent changes, for our school at this time.


Please enjoy Half Term and Home Learning activities will resume on Monday 1st June.


Take care and stay safe,


Chris Banks





15th May 2020


Dear Parents/Carers 


After 5 years as Head of Seaton Academy and having taught since 1981, I feel very privileged to be in the position to look after your children, lead a dedicated and caring staff and work in the Seaton community. 


My experience has taught me two important things; firstly be truthful and secondly when it comes to children, always put safety first. 


Schools had no prior warning about potentially reopening before the Government announcement on Sunday night. Plans have arrived this week that suggest social distancing, limitations in pupil numbers, split groupings of pupils, staggered drop offs/breaks/lunches to name but a few. 


I am going to be truthful with you and say openly that social distancing is a challenge, if at all possible, with children in a school. Schools are social places. The reason childhood illnesses spread so easily in schools is the close contact we all share. We can always make things a little safer, we can reduce risks but as soon as we open school the risk will be there. We have to be alert. 


Many people say “Let’s get on with it”, I respect that. Others are understandably much more concerned and cautious. “OK” is not good enough when we are talking about the precious gifts that are your children. 


At present I am working with staff and the Workington Heads Consortium to understand the guidance and prepare thorough Risk Assessments to enable an informed decision on whether it will be safe to open our school at the earliest from 1st June. 


I will open initially for the Key Worker and vulnerable families. After this we will need to assess capacity, consider the new way we will have to work and the staffing implications to open for other year groups at a later date. 


Please be assured that the safety of your children, my staff and our families will be at the forefront of all decisions made. 


I would also like to say thank you for your continued support and positive feedback that we have received during these challenging times. 


Please all take care and keep safe 


Chris Banks 






Good Morning 
Like many of you, we saw the announcement last night from the Prime Minister, and just like you I’m sure, we have many questions.
We await further information and some more detail before we can even begin to consider what this means for our school and you, our school families.
Please remember that the announcement stated that schools “MAY” begin to reopen in phases “AT THE EARLIEST” from June 1st.
We acknowledge and understand the anxieties and worries that you will have about this and the staff also share many of these too. Please be confident that we will do everything we can to ensure our school is a safe environment for us all before we open our doors to welcome any children back. All decisions will be made with safety as the overriding factor.
In the meantime we carry on as before. We remain here to help you, our school families, with anything we can in these uncertain times.
Take care and stay safe x



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