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Seaton Academy Attendance Procedure

Due to recent changes to our safeguarding policy, which ensures the safety of all children in school; we have revised the procedure that must be followed if your child is absent from school.


Please note that if your child is off sick we must receive a phone call by 9.30am on the first day of absence. If we have not received a phone call by 9.30am, we will send out a reminder text.


If we have still not received a phone call by 10.00am, we will then make a phone call to the home to ascertain why your child is not in school. For this reason it is important that all your contact details are kept up to date.


If we still fail to make contact with anyone on your child’s contact list, we will then make a visit to the home. If we still cannot ascertain the safety of the child there would be no option other than to contact the relevant authorities.


I thank you for your co-operation with this as the safety of your child is paramount.


Mrs C Banks


Please click on the link below to look at guidance on infection control from the Health Protection Agency.


Information regarding Scarlett Fever, please click on the link below: