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“Educating our children with the skills they need to live fullfilling lives.”

Minute Meetings 2019-2020

Autumn 1

This half term each child voted for a Councillor for their class, elections were held and counted and the lucky School Councillors were elected in assembly.

The School Councillors elected then got together to discuss what their role involves and how they can support their school.


We look forward to our next meeting.


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Autumn 2

Our focus this half term was Recycling. We got together to discuss how we could support recycling at home and at school and considered the different bins available.  It was also suggested that we could work with the Green Team members and ask the Green Team if they would create posters to put up around school, promoting recycling.

During this meeting, we also discussed our new outdoor classroom that is currently being built and how it needed a name. We shared our ideas, asked others in the school and then collected the results. We voted for our favourite one and choose the name 'Cosy Cottage'.


We look forward to our next meeting,

Spring 1

During this meeting we discussed our new Cosy Cottage (outdoor classroom that is currently being built) and how The Green Team have been involved with a Garden Project to help finish off the outdoor area. We decided that we would like to get involved to help too. Together we thought of some ideas and wrote a letter to a company to see if they could help with a path that could lead up to our Cosy Cottage so we could access the Cottage and outdoor area in all weathers.

We look forward for their reply.