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“Educating our children with the skills they need to live fulfilling lives.”

 Our Goals

We have a busy year ahead!  This outlines our goals, building on a successful previous academic year.

  • Elect children for the School Council
  • Select and establish the ‘Playtime Buddies’
  • Help plan for upcoming fund raising activities 



What is a Playtime Buddy?

Someone to play with

Someone to help you solve a problem

Someone to set a wonderful example of how to behave and play at playtimes

Someone to rely upon and play with


Please look out for our Playtime Buddies - they wear red bands on their arm - and are here to help all the children.




School Council Agenda

Autumn 1 – Welcome to the School Council

Create a name and a logo for the partnership with the other School Councillors from schools in Workington

  • Discuss Good Health and Wellbeing (Good Life Goal 3)
  • What is ‘being healthy’?
  • How could we stay healthy at school and home


Autumn 2 – Recycling

Discuss what is recycling and how can we support it

  • Work with the Green Team
  • Reduce, Reuse, Recycle
  • Promote and encourage reusable water bottle in school
  • Consider how much plastic is used at school


Spring 1 – Life on land (Good Life Goal 15)

Consider the affects of littering, it may look messy but how does it affect our animals? Discuss how we can care for life on land.


Spring 2 – Life below water (Good Life Goal 14)

Review and reflect on last half terms meeting and the affects of littering. How may it affect animals that live below water? How can we help care for animals?


Summer 1 – Partnership for the goals (Good Life Goal 17)

Discuss how we can achieve the Good Life Goals and how we can get more people involved. Consider partnership with the Green Team, friends and family.



Summer 2 – Save Water

Ensure that all taps are knocked off after use e.g. at home when brushing your teeth.