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“Educating our children with the skills they need to live fulfilling lives.”


At Seaton Academy we believe that the Foundation Stage is fundamental in the success of a child’s future development. We recognise that all children join us, in both Nursery and Reception, with their own unique and varied experiences of the world around them. It is our intention to take these starting points and use them to provide a wide range of high quality learning experiences upon which to build future learning. We value the role of Parents/Carers and will always strive to promote strong Home/School Partnerships based on trust and respect.



  • To provide safe, secure, stimulating and happy learning environments where children can develop as individuals through interaction with both adults and other children.
  • To offer a broad, balanced and enriching curriculum through carefully planned provision, both indoors and outside, using the Early Years Outcomes document.
  • To ensure that children develop and progress through Playing and Exploring, Active Learning and Creating and Thinking Critically (Characteristics of Effective Learning).
  • To ensure each child develops socially, spiritually, emotionally, physically and intellectually.
  • To actively promote and develop strong working relationships with parents/carers and families as the people who know their child the best.



The Foundation Stage has a Coordinator (Mrs Wendy Stuart) who will

  • Ensure the policy is implemented and reviewed regularly in consultation with other staff
  • Monitor the Curriculum and planning in Nursery and Reception
  • Ensure progress and attainment is tracked, recorded and understood by all staff
  • Liaise with other agencies and settings
  • Develop experience through INSET and attending courses
  • Inform other school staff and Trustees about Foundation Stage developments
  • Provide support, advice and encouragement to staff

  The Foundation Stage staff will

  • Implement this policy through their planning, teaching and classroom management and organisation
  • Assess the children in their class, track and record attainment and progress
  • Help children develop and maintain positive attitudes to learning
  • Develop and encourage strong working relationships with Parents/Carers
  • Liaise with other outside agencies and professionals

 All children will learn and develop in safe, stimulating and happy learning environments with teachers and supporting adults having a sound understanding of the Early Years Curriculum. Teachers will plan a wide range of activities that recognise all children are individuals with a variety of needs. A balance of approaches, groupings and differentiated adult led and independent activities, both inside and outdoors, will ensure all children can develop and progress.

The outdoor environment will also be planned for and children will have access to outdoor learning and activities.

We also value the children’s own interests and experiences and will often use these to promote learning. All staff model positive behaviours and set high expectations for attainment and progress.



Within the Early Years there are seven Areas Of Learning. These are sub divided into 3 Prime Areas

  • Personal, Social and Emotional Development
  • Communication and Language
  • Physical Development

And 4 Specific Areas

  • Literacy
  • Mathematics
  • Understanding the World
  • Expressive Arts and Design

Planning is carefully undertaken to ensure specific focussed activities are balanced with opportunities to learn through areas of Continuous, and enhanced, Provision.


Each child’s development and achievements are recorded in a variety of ways including observations, photographs, annotated work as well as teacher assessments.

Assessments are collated and recorded, in line with whole school practice, and regular parent/carer meetings ensure that they are informed of progress.

All assessments are integrated into the usual routines of the day and all information gathered is used purposefully to both inform future planning and identify the next steps for small groups or individual children.

All Reception children take part in the statutory  Reception Baseline Assessment process.

At the end of the Reception year the Foundation Stage Profile is completed and submitted to the Local Authority as part as Statutory Assessment requirements. The information is also shared with the Year One staff as part of the transition into Key Stage One

We actively promote an “Open Door” Policy with Parents/Carers and all staff are always available to discuss any specific concerns and/or issues. In addition to this the Foundation Stage teachers hold regular Parent/Carer Evenings as in the rest of the school.



Children with SEND (Special Educational Needs and Disabilities) are identified and supported in line with the whole school SEND policy.

The class teacher is usually responsible for any specific planning and individual provision on a day to day basis. Parents and carers will be involved with this at all stages and the school has a Special Needs Co-ordinator (Mrs W Stuart) who can facilitate  support and advice from any required outside agencies. We all work together to support individual children and their families. Children with EHCP’s have their plans reviewed annually with support from the Local Authority and Individual Education Plans are devised and put into place to ensure continuity and progression.



Children can attend the Nursery at Seaton Academy in the term following their third birthday. Children are allocated a place for 15 hours and these are to be taken Monday-Friday and are currently AM (morning) places.

Some of our families are now eligible for 30 hours free Nursery Education and in these cases the child stays at school for the afternoon session in addition to their normal morning place and stays at school for their lunch (at an additional cost)

We also offer a paid for wrap around care facility , known as “Shining Stars” on the same basis as above for our families to use as and when it is required. Please ask a member of Nursery staff or call into the School Office for current costs and organisational information.

Children in Reception Classes start full time school in the September following their fourth birthday.

All children who wish to join us at in the Foundation Stage at Seaton Academy are admitted in accordance to the schools Admission Policy.



It is always our aim to make the transition into our school as smooth and successful as possible.

All families starting in Nursery will receive a Home Visit from 2 key members of staff which provides an opportunity to meet them in a familiar setting and also allows for any concerns, or worries, to be discussed confidentially.

There are also taster sessions provided where children come along to Nursery with their Parents/Carers and have the opportunity to explore their new classroom and activities.

At the end of your child’s time in Nursery we also carefully plan opportunities for the children to meet their new Reception teachers and visit their new classrooms. Teachers also hold transition meetings with the Reception teachers to share important information about the children as individuals.

Children transferring to join us in Reception from other Nurseries are also offered transition visits and will also get a Home Visit from Reception staff.

There is an open morning/afternoon at the start of September for children to come into their new Reception classes with Parents and Carers. Following this the children start full time school.

(In some cases we offer staggered inductions as and when necessary)

At the end of your child’s time in Reception we also carefully plan opportunities for the children to meet their new teachers and visit their new classrooms. Teachers also hold transition meetings with the Year One teachers to share important information about the children as individuals.


Member of staff responsible Mrs W Stuart

Effective from September 2021

Review September 2022