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Tooth 1 - Encouraging healthy eating and drinking

Tooth decay is caused by the frequent consumption of foods and drinks containing sugar. Keeping sugary foods and drinks to mealtimes is an effective way to reduce tooth decay and help the children in our care to grow up without the pain and distress that this can cause. This is why as part of the programme we have developed and implemented a Smile4Life snacking policy that ensures:


  • Your child is provided only with healthy, sugar-free snacks
  • Your child is offered only milk and water to drink between meals


The staff in Nursery are working hard to deliver this programme in preparation for accreditation of the Smile4Life award. We would therefore kindly ask parents/carers not to bring drinks (other than water), sweets or any other form of confectionary into the Nursery so that we can demonstrate compliance with the Smile4Life snacking policy and continue to be accredited with the Smile4Life award.