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Accidents/Incidents ill health & Dangerous occurrences including consequential damage to property.

Reporting of Injuries, Diseases and Dangerous Occurrences Regulations, 1995





Local Hospitals


WHITEHAVEN HOSPITAL - Tel. 01946 693181

WORKINGTON HOSPITAL ACCESS CENTRE - Tel.  01900 705000  Minor injuries unit open until 9.30am - 8.00pm Monday-Friday.


Accidents Involving Pupils:

    • The academy reports all injuries where children have sustained visible cuts, grazes, bumps to head etc to parents.
    • A SASIR Form should be completed in serious cases and reported under RIDDOR if appropriate.

Accidents Involving Adults (Staff, Visitors, Contractors etc.)

    • The Official Accident Book is held on the in the Academy Office. 
    • A SASIR Form should be completed in all but the most minor case of injury.
    • A SASIR must be completed in all cases involving work-related ill health and violence to staff.
    • The person who has sustained the injury must not complete the form.  The form must be completed by the Line Manager and signed by the Head teacher. 

All Accidents:  

At playtimes, the Head is on duty with a designated First Aider (wearing a high visibility vest) and 2 TAs, each monitoring an item of large play equipment. In the case of a serious injury, the First Aider gives immediate assistance, TAs remain with the children and the Head mobilises further action as required.

Major Accident Procedures.

    • A major accident will include any break, dislocation, hospitalisation or unconsciousness.  If any of these occur - phone local hospital.

Playtime procedure

    • The Trustees investigate accident statistics on an annual basis to enable any patterns to be identified and to determine, where necessary, measures to prevent recurrence should be implemented.
    • The Head/Health and Safety Co-ordinator is responsible for ensuring that the rules governing reporting of accidents, violence to staff in the course of their work and work related diseases are made known to all new employees during their induction training. 
    1. If unconscious and where possible put in the recovery position.
    2. Send child/adult to staff room for assistance.
    3. Adults to use First Aid knowledge gained on training course as appropriate.  (Clear children from the area)
    4. Ring 999; give details of place and accident.
    5. Ring patients home and give details or ring emergency address.
    6. Return to patient and post adult to receive and direct ambulance personnel.
    7. After patient removed, complete accident form asking for witnesses and then phone above Health & Safety number.
    8. Ask parents to inform academy of condition of injured party.
    9. Form P25 filled in and relevant accident book to be filled in.


Minor Accident should be followed:-

At playtimes,

    1. If a child has a minor accident or suffers an injury at academy, the following procedure
      • A “nurse” is on duty every day and takes the injured child in to Year one.
      • The “nurse”  (midday supervisor at lunchtimes) will assist the child i.e. clean wounds, apply plaster, reassure them (tlc)

Any incident involving cuts, grazes, bruising must be recorded on an incident sheet.  Accident record sheets can be carried by midday supervisors who will complete them and give them to the class teacher with a brief verbal explanation of any significant injuries before classes restart. All relevant information MUST be given to parents.  Forms should be kept on teachers desks for 2 weeks and then filed/removed.

Where the accident results in a head injury e.g. lump, graze, cut,  parents/guardian should always be informed at the end of the academy day (or sooner depending upon the seriousness of the injury) informing the parent/guardian of the details of the accident, when it happened and the signs and symptoms to be aware of e.g. nausea, sleepiness, headaches etc. Such symptoms may only manifest themselves some hours later and any details of the incident may be vital to the medical services.