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Physical Education



Safe Practice in Physical Education and Academy Sports – (AfPE Book)

SAN (PE) 2



The law expects that all physical education teachers will work within a ‘modus operandi’, which identifies all the foreseeable safety problems associated with the activities undertaken.  The academy must declare its own policies and practices, which will eliminate foreseeable risks.  The Head must ensure that such a system is operable, even by recently appointed staff. Miss Cooke has the responsibility to see that safe practice is realistic and working day to day.


All pupils  should be instructed to safely move and handle equipment they may use for PE activities.  Staff must supervise the erection and dismantling of PE equipment at all times and not allow children to do this on their own (unless their age and capabilities allow).  The teacher in charge will ensure that there are sufficient children involved in moving the equipment to avoid any strain or discomfort, and will themselves assist in the actual process of erecting and dismantling.


Risk Assessments must be undertaken of all PE activities so that control measures to eliminate or reduce the likelihood of an accident occurring can be implemented.  As always, risk assessments must be monitored and reviewed regularly and must be disseminated to relevant personnel.  Risk Assessments must also be completed for the use of freestanding goalposts.


PE Equipment and Outdoor Play Equipment must be inspected regularly and before use and defects reported.  It must be inspected at least annually by a competent contractor.  P.E. equipment is inspected annually.


Regular inspections must be made of halls, floors, gyms and equipment and there must be adequate storage for equipment.


Jewellery is not permitted to be worn during any form of Physical Education, or movement exercises.  Earrings must be removed for P.E. and any sporting activities. There is clear guidance within the Academy Prospectus concerning appropriate clothing and footwear for physical activities.



Site Manager to check the Adventure Trail weekly.

a) Check all timbers and steelwork is secure.

b) Check all fixings are in place and not loosening.

c) Check all components for any protrusions or sharp edges.

d) Check all chains, tyres and connections for damage.

e) Check all springs and spring clamps are secure (Wobble Board only).

f) Check surfacing/area around unit for any debris or sharp objects.

Annual Main Inspection records are kept in the Buildings Register.

Defects are reported to the Site Manager.