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“Educating our children with the skills they need to live fulfilling lives.”

Homework Policy

Guidelines for homework are 1 hour per week in Years 1 and 2. 

The focus is on the important skills of literacy and numeracy.

In our academy we believe homework need not, and should not, get in the way of other activities which children may do after hours such as sport, music and clubs of all kinds.  All of which are important in developing the whole child.


  • To develop the involvement of parents with their child’s learning through homework,
  • To ensure the parents have opportunity to be informed of current curricular needs.
  • To consolidate and practise the skills and learning concepts developed within the academy.
  • To begin to develop the ability to work effectively beyond the academy day in preparation for future years.


On the class page of the academy website teachers put the class Learning Letter and Ways to Help Your Child at Home information.  These are linked directly to planned activities in the classrooms and change every half term.

The VLE which is accessed through the website shares weekly literacy and numeracy planning with activities tailored to individual children's needs.

In addition to this each year group sends home some regular activities to reinforce basic skills:

Nursery – shared library books. 

Reception – reading books, phonic activities.

Y1 – reading books, weekly spellings.

Y2 – reading books, weekly spellings.

Teachers will also give home activities at other times throughout the year where it is appropriate to do so.


As homework consolidates and reinforces skills and concepts being learnt in classrooms, the assessment will occur regularly and as necessary during lessons.

Special Educational Needs

Where appropriate tasks will be set to be completed at home as part of a child’s IEP.


Member of staff responsible:  Mrs C Banks

Effective from: January 2020     Review January 2022