Welcome to Seaton Academy

"Educating our children with the skills

they need to live fulfilling lives."


Seaton Academy is an outstanding, successful and happy place where children achieve exceptionally high educational standards.  Over the years our original building has undergone extensive refurbishment and modernisation, we have up-to-date technology and attractive facilities in all areas.

Pre-school and Reception years follow the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum.  Here we provide stimulating, secure and creative learning environments where each child's needs and abilities are recognised and developed. Learning takes place through carefully structured and focussed play activities where children learn through working alongside highly qualified and experienced staff.  We invest in a high proportion of adult support in order to maximise and develop children's learning opportunities.

Key Stage 1 incorporates years 1 and 2.  Here,children follow a rich,stimulating and varied curriculum with a strong emphasis on basic skills.  We place great emphasis on developing within every child a lively, enquiring mind, the ability to question logically, to communicate and acquire life long learning skills.  All children take part in formal SATs assessments at the end of year 2.  Children in year 1 take part in the phonics screening check. 

Seaton Academy has an exceptionally talented and hard working staff who work very closely with parents and carers to ensure that together, we are educating our children with the skills they need to live fulfilling lives.

Chris Banks



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