Music Curriculum Intent 

Co-ordinator: Mrs K.Broughton 

Intent Statement:
The intent of music education in at Seaton Academy is to inspire pupils to develop a love of music and a deep understanding of the subject. We aim to will nurture pupils' music ability and creativity. Our curriculum will cater to pupils of all abilities, and we aim to develop confident and competent musicians who enjoy making music as a lifelong activity.

See Music Curriculum Intent below.

Implementation Statement:

Underpinned by the Music National Curriculum we will ensure that music teaching is of high quality and delivered consistently. We will have a clear and well-planned curriculum that establishes what pupils need to know, built on prior learning and develops skills and knowledge over time.  We will provide practical music lessons in the form of group performances and individual instructional sessions. Lastly, we will integrate music into the wider curriculum, allowing pupils to learn new subjects and develop skills through music.

Impact Statement:

The impact of music education in our school will be that pupils will be happy, inspired, and confident in their music abilities. Through their increasing knowledge pupils will be able to explain, perform and respond to a variety of musical genres and styles at an age-appropriate level. The pupils will have an understanding of the importance of music as a universal language that reflects cultural heritage and diversity. Additionally, pupils will have developed a sense of community, enhanced their team spirit, and practiced core skills such as communication, cooperation, problem-solving, and self-expression. Finally, pupils will have access to a variety of extracurricular music opportunities, including orchestra, choir, band.


Music Curriculum Intent

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Nursery, Reception, Year 1 and Year 2