The Board of Trustees at Seaton Academy

Mr P Smith Chair of Governors
Mr R L Barton Headteacher
Mrs W Stuart Assistant Headteacher
Miss D Hird Teacher
Mrs S Nixon Trustee (Parent)
Mrs L Nixon Trustee (Parent)
Mrs S McGlasson Trustee (Curriculum, SEND and staffing)
Mr P Sharpe Trustee (Health and Safety)
Mrs A Walton Trustee (Curriculum, SEND and staffing)
Mrs R Pickering Trustee (Safeguarding)
Mrs C Wallace Lawman Trustee (Finance and Health and Safety)
Mrs S Armstrong Trustee (Safeguarding and Finance)


Miss K Surtees Elected by Parents
Mr S Benbow Elected by Parents
Miss A Wilkinson Secretary to the Board

All of the above can be contacted at the school 0190066982.

All Trustees have no other Governance roles in any other school.

All Trustees have declared no business/financial interest. 

Governor's Information

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